Glider Flight

12/15/09 at 11:09 AM | Published Under Some Personal Thoughts

Flew my first glider solo today… actually two solos, because the instructor was brave enough to send my up twice.  I found out that being all alone in an airplane 3,000 feet in the air without an engine is interesting.  Enervating.   Kinky, even.   Back in the Navy, we called that state of affairs a red hot emergency, but the glider guys are tougher–they do it routinely.

While I was up there all alone, listening to the slipstream and humming to myself while noodling about the degree of my sanity, I recalled my very first solo, 41 YEARS ago, in a U.S. Navy T-34.  41 YEARS ago!  Jesus Christ, I am becoming an old fart!

Still, aviation continues to enchant me.  I am really lucky, huh?