Fundamentalist Views

03/07/10 at 11:01 AM | Published Under Some Personal Thoughts

In The Disciple, my novel published in December, 2009, I had a subplot about the fundamental Muslims’ view of God, set forth by a religious scholar, Dr. Ishar Murad, who writes a manuscript setting forth his vision of God, a large God, one who created all living things.

Dr. Murad leaves us with his conclusion that we should, “Be kind, compassionate, merciful to your fellow man.  There are all manner of ways of saying it, but they all amount to the same thing.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Love thy neighbor as theyself.  Judge not that you be not judged.  Treat everyone as if he were a true believer.”

Imagine my surprise today, March 7, when I found an article in the Weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal by Matthew Kaminski about Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a currently imprisoned leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.  Yousef currently resides in the Peoples Republic of California, a refugee from the insanity of the Middle East.

Yousef was raised the son of a devout, traditional Palestine Muslim, and decided to become a Christian and spy for Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security force.  In 2006, he chucked it all and left for California.  Kaminski quotes Yousef as saying, “I’m not trying to convert the nation of Israel and the entire nation of Palestine to Christianity.  But at least you can educate them about the ideology of love, the ideology of forgiveness, the ideology of grace.  Those principles are great regardless, but you can’t deny they came from Christianity as well.”

Yousef is futher quoted as saying, “(My father) is not a fanatic.  He’s a very moderate, logical person.  What matters is not whether my father is a fanatic or not, he’s doing the will of a fanatic God.  It doesn’t matter if he’s a terrorist or traditional Muslim.  At the end of the day a traditional Muslim is doing the will of a fanatic, fundamentalist, terrorist God… The problem is not in Muslims.  The problem is with their God.  They need to be liberated from their God.  He is their biggest enemy.  It has been 1,400 years they have been lied to.”

Dr. Murad didn’t put it quite so bluntly, but I think he made the same point.