New Book: The Sea Witch

04/18/10 at 10:58 AM | Published Under Events

The Sea Witch is a collection of short fiction by Stephen Coonts which was first published in anthologies from 1999 to 2003. The first story, a novella, which gives its title to the collection, is the story of a Black Cat squadron in the western Pacific in the desperate days of 1943. Flying PBY Catalinas painted flat black, the squadrons ranged the night oceans hunting Japanese shipping, which they attacked.

The second story, The 17th Day, is a World War I flying story that was first published in 1999 in a collection edited by the late Martin Greenberg entitled First To FIght. Only the most hard-core Stephen Coonts fans have read this one.

The third story, a novella, is entitled al-Jihad, which means, the Jihad or holy war. You will be amazed to discover who is fighting the holy war in this tale of murder, terrorism and revenge.

The Sea Witch will be published in hardcover by Tor Books on May 22, 2012. Look for it in your favorite bookstore, or order it on-line at one of the usual places. Happy Reading.