My Hero

06/17/12 at 10:45 AM | Published Under Some Personal Thoughts

Now that New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has solved all of New York’s problems and has the city ticking like a Swiss watch, he has decided to tackle bigger problems.  He recently announced that NYC was banning the sale of soft drinks in cups larger than 12 ounces.  Big soft drinks are killing fat people, of whom there are many.  Yet the very next day he went before television cameras to promote National Doughnut Day.  Only skinny people eat those.

Who could make this stuff up?  But wait, Mike Bloomberg isn’t finished.  A day or two ago he told the audience listening to his weekly radio show (do you have one of these?) that “it’s sometimes hard to spot a prostitute.”  This might have been a warning to us out-of-towners planning a New York visit.  Or it might have been merely a general comment on lonely Saturday nights in the Big Apple.  Ahh, the voice of experience.  I note that prostitution is one of the few industries in New York that lacks its own municipal regulatory agency and a dedicated commissioner.  Maybe Bloomberg intends to fix that.  

It’s a credit to America that we continue to produce giants like Mike Bloomberg who willingly endure the travails of public office.  Is this a great country or what?