The Third Saucer novel

02/18/13 at 11:43 AM | Published Under Events by Stephen Coonts


Fans have been after me for years to write the third tale of the Saucer trilogy, so I finally got after it.  Saucer: Savage Planet will be published in the winter of 2013-14 by St Martins Press.  They recently asked me for some catalog copy, and it went something like this:

"Stephen Coonts' novels Saucer and Saucer: The Conquest were smash hits with readers around the world.  Now Rip Cantrell, beautiful former test pilot Charley Pine and Rip's uncle Egg are flying again in the third and last story of the Saucer trilogy: Savage Planet.

"Aliens are coming!  The specter of First Contact, the arrival of creatures from another world, convulses the people of Earth when they learn a marooned spaceman is awaiting rescue.  Big Pharma moguls know that any inter-stellar voyager must have had his lifespan enhanced, so they want the castaway, Adam Solo, or his body, to learn the secrets.

"As Rip, Charley, Uncle Egg and Solo try to stay one jump ahead of the body snatchers, the people of Earth grapple with the prospect of eternal life available by prescription.  And the arrival of THEM, explorers of the great wilderness of the universe."