War In The Air


      Stephen Coonts, America's foremost writer of aviation fiction--author of the smash bestseller Flight of the Intruder and the non-fiction flight classic The Cannibal Queen-- now presents twenty-six of the most dramatic true stories ever told of men in aerial combat, from World War I to Vietnam. Here are authentic, unforgettable accounts of lives lived on the edge, at full throttle, or war at its worst--and men at their best.

      Never before has there been a collection of real-life tales of aerial warfare drawn from so wide a range of sources: American, British, German, Japanese, and more. You will see firsthand what it's like to skim the clouds in wood and fabric biplanes with the daring young men who flew and fought by the seat of their pants; you'll climb into the cockpit of the most technologically advanced fighting machines, piloted by men of consummate skill, instinct, and intelligence. You'll sit in the bombardier's bay as flak explodes around you, experience the rush of adrenaline as a helicopter skims the trees in battle, and take off from the swaying deck of an aircraft carrier and fly straight into a dogfight fought at the speed of sound.