Deep Black: Dark Zone

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      In a secluded headquarters on the other side of the globe, a terrorist mission is underway—a plan to set of an underwater explosion so great, with such a hellish force, that it could shift the very foundation of the earth’s surface, causing untold calamity and world-wide disaster.  The terrorists call it “God’s Revenge”

      A nuclear weapon has gone missing.  Small in size, it packs up to ten times the kilotons that exploded over Hiroshima.  It’s now in the wrong hands, ready to detonate a world war of unfathomable proportions.

      In the top-secret headquarters of the National Security Agency, a small cadre of special agents form Deep Black, a team designed to bring a techno-edge to covert operations and eliminate the cyber-threats to world peace.  This is Charlie Dean’s world—an NSA ex-Marine sniper now enlisted to stop the unthinkable.  But when his suspicions of a traitor in his shadow become frighteningly true, Dean’s race against time could mean the end of the free world.