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      USS AMERICA, the most technologically advanced nuclear-powered submarine ever built, is hijacked in front of hundreds of people gathered to watch its departure on its first operational cruise. As the sub disappears into the North Atlantic, the joint chiefs realize that AMERICA carries the United States' newest weapon: cruise missiles with electromagnetic pulse warheads designed to fry every electronic device within a ten-mile radius. Within hours, missiles from the sub rain down on Washington, D.C., starting a massive fire in the White House, bringing down jet-liners, and destroying nearly all the electronic devices in the nation's capital. Called upon to find the rogue sub, Jake Grafton must determine who is behind the carnage, what they want, and most importantly, how to stop them.

      With non-stop action and an international cast of complex characters, Stephen Coonts, the best techno thriller writer in the game, delivered for his fans. This was the 9th Jake Grafton tale, and, if you are reading the series in order, should be read after HONG KONG. Coonts insists that the Grafton tales are stand-alone thrillers, but some fans enjoy Jake and Callie's progression through life. If you are one, perhaps reading the series in order will make each book more enjoyable.