Hong Kong

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      HONG KONG is Stephen Coonts' eighth novel starring Jake Grafton, today's most popular action-adventure hero.

Jake Grafton takes his wife, Callie, along when the U.S. government sends him to Hong Kong to find out how deeply the U.S. consul-general is embedded in a political money-raising scandal. And why not? Jake and Callie met and fell in love in Hong Kong during the Vietnam War, and the consul-general is an old friend from his Vietnam days, Tiger Cole.

      A lot has changed since those days, as the Graftons quickly discover. They find Hong Kong is a powder keg, ready to explode. The closure of a foreign bank by the communist government is the spark that lights the fuse... and Tiger Cole is right in the middle of the action.

      When Callie is kidnapped by a rebel faction, Jake finds himself drawn into the vortex of a high-tech civil war. Drawing on the skills of CIA burglar Tommy Carmellini, in order to save his wife Jake Grafton must figure out who is wearing the white hats among the Chinese patriots fighting for the future of China... and make sure the right side wins.

      As usual with Stephen Coonts' novels, HONG KONG is full of action, high adventure, and fascinating characters. Readers will also be captivated by the Sergeant York robots, the 21st Century replacement for the main battle tank. If you think high-tech is all Palm Pilots and email, think again!

      For those readers who are reading the Grafton series in order, HONG KONG shoule be read after CUBA.