The Intruders


      Jake Grafton storms back in THE INTRUDERS, the sequel to Stephen Coonts' Flight of the Intruder--the finest combat aviation novel to emerge from Vietnam. Flight of the Intruder became one of the top twenty bestselling first novels of all time, spending and astonishing twenty-eight weeks on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list. Jeremiah O'Leary of the Washington Times hailed it as "a superbly written story." Now, Flight of the Intruder's crack fighter-pilot hero Jake Grafton returns in a gripping, all-new novel that takes the gritty realism and heart pounding excitement of military flying to a thrilling new height.

      1973. The skies over Vietnam have finally gone silent. America has pulled out, the war is over. But for Lt. Jake Grafton, USN, fresh from two combat cruises and a harrowing shoot-down over Laos, the personal battle is just beginning....

      His country has not welcomed him home with open arms, but with closed minds and closed fists. When his girlfriend's father called him a murderer, Jake walked away. But when a stranger in a bar challenged his honor, the man was not so lucky--the guy landed in the hospital. Jake landed in jail. And Grafton's shore-duty commander, who bailed him out, has devised the perfect punishment for his ace flight instructor: an eight month cruise on the aircraft carrier Columbia teaching jarheads--Marines--the nuances of carrier aviation. Flying missions over Vietnam was a living hell; now, as a Navy man working side-by-side with Marines who have no carrier aviation experience, Grafton's about to discover another world of fresh hell.

      THE INTRUDERS captures as never before the raw fear and exhilaration of military aviation. It is the extraordinary story of peacetime warriors who are never truly at peace: men who run on instinct and adrenaline, whose only target is the horizon and whose goals are excellence--and survival.

      THE INTRUDERS was Coonts' sixth novel, but as the direct sequel to FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, it fits into the Coonts oeuvre between that book and FINAL FLIGHT.