The Red Horseman


      The forces at work in a collapsed super-power are the strands that Stephen Coonts weaves into his block-buster novel, THE RED HORSEMAN. Greed, hatred, patriotism and blind ambition run riot in a society on the brink of chaos--a society that has been ruled for centuries by terror, murder and naked force.

      As the infrastructure of the Soviet Union crumbles before the world's eyes, twenty thousand tactical nuclear weapons, once under the command of the Soviet military, are now up for grabs--and US intelligence believes they may soon appear on the open market, available to the highest bidder.

      Rear Admiral Jake Grafton, attached to the Defense Intelligence Agency, is dispatched to Moscow. His assignment: ensure that the weapons are destroyed before they disappear into a terrorist pipeline pointed south, toward the Middle East. Unofficially, however, Grafton has learned there are those in his own government who would prefer to see his mission fail--and who will go to any lengths to stop it.

      In a world of shifting loyalties and shifting allegiances, the rules Grafton used to live by no longer apply. The countdown to Armageddon may already have begun, and the only thing Grafton knows for sure is--as a soldier among spies--his rear flank is dangerously exposed. He has been targeted for assassination, and the conspiracy is clearly stamped: Made in America.

      Stalked by rogue CIA agents, caught between rival factions fighting for the control of Russia, Jake Grafton vividly demonstrates the qualities that have captivated millions of readers around the globe. THE RED HORSEMAN is a story ripped from today's headlines, touching a raw nerve that runs from the heart of the New Russia...through a Washington seemingly out of control...straight into our living rooms.

      If you are reading the Grafton series in order, this novel should be read after UNDER SEIGE.