Under Siege


      UNDER SIEGE captures a chilling nightmare scenario, one that has already devastated Columbia and sent shock waves around the world. In a novel as immediate and gripping as tomorrow's headlines, the war against drug lords is exploding within the borders of the United States--striking at the very center of American government.

       When the kingpin of the Medellin drug cartel is extradited to Washington, D.C. to start trial, President George Bush is severely wounded by a hired assassin. Vice President Dan Quayle assumes the responsibility for directing the fight against a criminal army that now rules the streets.

      Captain Jake Grafton, working for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the battle to regain control of our nation's capital, faces the dual threat of a determined assassin and an equally determined, vicious drug lord--both intent on plunging the United States into chaos.

      Filled with a cast of vivid, compelling characters, and charged with the drama of the U.S. military's most deadly challenge by an enemy on our own soil, UNDER SIEGE is vintage Stephen Coonts and will resonate long in our imaginations.

      UNDER SIEGE, filled with heart-stopping suspense and striking psychological depth, secures Stephen Coonts' reputation as one of our major contemporary novelists. If you are reading the Grafton series in order, UNDER SEIGE should be read after THE MINOTAUR.