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Dragon's Jaw


Stephen Coonts and master aviation historian Barrett Tillman have teamed up to write a riveting history of the aerial campaign against the most difficult target in North Vietnam, the Dragon's Jaw, the bridge at Thanh Hoa that spanned the Ma River.  For seven long hears hundreds of young US airmen flew sortie after sortie against North Vietnam's formidable, overbuilt heavily defended railroad and highway bridge.  Time and again American Air Force and Navy pilots dodged blistering anti-aircraft fire, surface-to-air missiles and enemy fighters, yet many of them were shot down, killed or captured.  Yet the bridge stood as if it were made of kryptonite.  For the North Vietnamese, the bridge became a symbol of their patriotic resistance; for US war planners an obsession; for US airmen a testament to American mettle and valor.

Using after-action reports, official records, and interviews with surviving pilots, as well as previously untapped North Vietnamese sources, Dragon's Jaw chronicles American efforts to destroy the bridge strike by bloody strike, putting readers into the cockpit under fire, as only Stephen Coonts can do.  The story of the Dragon's Jaw is rich in courage and audacity, an epic tale against a determined foe.