The Assasin

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      When an old friend asks the President of the United States to name a warrior to lead a private war on the masterminds of terror, the president sends Jake Grafton, who takes along his loyal lieutenant, Tommy Carmellini. Al Queda general Abu Qasim soon learns what is afoot, and decides to terrorize the bankers and industrialists who are making war on him.

      Tommy is up to his eyes in beautiful women and corpses as he tries to piece together the puzzle and keep Grafton’s friends alive. But who is killing whom? With bombs ticking, bullets flying, and blood flowing, Tommy and Jake close in on Abu Qasim, who has one last nasty trick up his sleeve, one he’s been planning for years.

      THE ASSASSIN was the third Grafton/Carmellini novel. Some readers and critics think this book showcases Carmellini at his very best.