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Saucer: Savage Planet

Marooned for a thousand years on a savage planet, Adam Solo is trying to summon help from starships plying the void.  With the help of Rip Cantrell and Charley Pine's saucer, he succeeds.  Meanwhile Big Pharma wants the secret of his longevity.  Who will get Solo first, Big Pharma or the aliens?  After The Arrival, Earth will never again be the same.

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Jake Grafton Series


The Jake Grafton Series

These ten novels take Jake Grafton from a young Navy attack pilot flying A-6s during the Vietnam War (Flight of the Intruder) to two-star admiral working with the CIA (Liberty). These novels introduced millions of people around the world to carrier aviation and the modern American military. Although some people like to read them in the order in which they were written, they are all stand-alone novels; you can pick any one and dive into Jake’s world. He isn’t brilliant, has no great insight into the problems of our times, but he has common sense and always tries to do the right thing, regardless of the personal consequences. He’s a hero for our time.

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Tommy Carmellini Series  

The Tommy Carmellini Series

Tommy Carmellini, ace CIA burglar, first appeared in the Jake Grafton novel Cuba as a minor character. He appeared in all subsequent Grafton tales. Coonts liked him a lot, so he promoted Tommy to stardom in Liars and Thieves. In subsequent stories, The Traitor, The Assassin, and The Disciple, Tommy shared center stage with Jake Grafton. The team is together again in Pirate Alley, published in April, 2013.

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Deep Black Series  

The Deep Black Series

The Deep Black series of co-written novels came about because Coonts couldn’t write quickly enough to fill the demand for his works. If you like fingernail-biting suspense and rock ‘em, sock ‘em action, you’ll love this series about a covert CIA team that fights bad guys all over the globe. Fans of this series say the books are best read in order. Coonts disputes that, since the books were carefully crafted as stand-alone novels. The first eight books in this series were original paperbacks. The ninth was first published in hardcover, then paperback.

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Other Works  

Other Works

This category includes all of Coonts’ miscellaneous scribbles, from the classic Cannibal Queen to his three Saucer tales, including Saucer: Savage Planet which was published April 1, 2014; five anthologies; and a novel written under a pen name, The Garden of Eden by Eve Adams. You ought to get a gander of Steve in a size 14 dress with shaved legs, his outfit when appearing at Eve Adams signings. It’s an extraordinary experience. You'll also want to check out The Sea Witch, three unforgettable tales of men and women at war. 

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