I, Sniper

01/12/10 at 11:06 AM | Published Under Some Personal Thoughts

Am really looking forward to signing books with Stephen Hunter at the Poison Pen bookstore in Scottsdale on January 13, at 7 PM.  Hunter’s newest tale, I, SNIPER is a dilly of a read.  I devoured it in one sitting.  Hunter and Lee Child are undoubtedly the top two thriller writers being published today.   Hunter’s Swagger saga continues to amaze.  Coming up with new, original plots that have a conflict that the hero can plausibly solve, with plenty of action and suspense, populated with characters the reader finds interesting, and to somehow pace it properly and write it well is an art form.

I, SNIPER contains a loosely disguised Ted Turner character that worked extremely well in the novel.   Two other major characters are loosely based on the great Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock (Hunter has used this character before) and Hanoi Jane.   Doubt seriously if I would have had the gonads to cast those characters, but Hunter pulls it off with delightful aplomb.   If you are a thriller fan, or even if you just enjoy being entertained by a master, you owe yourself this read.