World War was the largest war yet fought on this planet, largest in every conceivable way, including planetary scope, number of nations involved, number of combatants, and number of casualties. The generation that fought it has been hailed as "the greatest generation." This may be forgivable hyperbole, but the truth is that the generation that fought and survived World War II was tempered in the crucible in ways that we, at the start of the 21st century, find more and more difficult to understand.

      Writers of military fiction are still fascinated by World War II. Sooner or later they have to try their hand at a tale set in that conflict. The idea that grew into the VICTORY collection was conceived four years ago. We think that you will agree that the collection was worth waiting for. VICTORY includes a novella by Harold Robbins, who passed away several years ago. He wrote the original story during or immediately after the war. It appears here with the permission of the Robbins Estate.

      This volume also includes short novels by a stellar collection of literary criminals, including James Cobb, Stephen Coonts, Harold Coyle, Jim DeFelice, David Hagberg, Dean Ing, Ralph Peters, R.J. Pineiro, and Barrett Tillman, most of whom were born after World War II. However, one or two of them did spend that conflict wearing diapers.

      The Stephen Coonts novella, THE SEA WITCH, was first published in this anthology. It later became the title tale in the short fiction collection of the same name, THE SEA WITCH, published by Tor in 2012.